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The Fact About crystal porcelain tiles That No One Is Suggesting

Crystallized Chinese Artificial Stone

As a high-grade building decoration material, stone is widely used in interior and exterior decoration design, curtain wall decoration and public facilities construction. Common stone on the market is mainly divided into Natural stone and Artificial stone. Natural stone refers to the general term for materials that are mined from natural rocks and processed into blocks or plates.

Artificial stone is a synthetic decorative material.
With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, artificial stone products are constantly changing, and the quality, appearance and cost performance have caught up with or surpassed the international advanced level.

According to the different binders used, it can be divided into two types: organic artificial stone and inorganic artificial stone.

According to different production processes, it can be divided into five types:
polyester artificial marble, composite artificial marble, silicate artificial marble, sintered artificial marble, and calendered artificial marble.

China is the country with the richest and most complete artificial stone production varieties and quantities. Among them, sintered Micro Crystallized Glass marble has the world’s largest production capacity and color varieties, especially Rolled Nano Crystallized Glass marble, which is only produced in China in the world. At the academic level, they are called Crystallized Glass Stone, with silicon oxide as the main component, produced at a temperature above 1200¡ãC, without resin or any other binder, it is a purely inorganic material with durable weather resistance and UV protection.
Micro Crystallized Glass Stone

As a decorative material, MGS was first discovered in the experiments of Corning Corporation in the United States in the 1950s. It was first industrialized in Japan in the later period. It has been mass-produced in China since the mid-1990s.

The English name of this material is different in different regions. .
Japan: Crystallized Glass Ceramic Panel / Neoparie / Palitone
USA: Micro Crystallized Glass Stone / Solid Crystallized Glass / Glass-Ceramic / Glass Thassos / Glassos
Europe: Marmoglass
Middle East: Micro Crystal Marble / Crystallized Marble

It is harder than natural stone and has excellent weather resistance, which is very suitable for the exterior walls of buildings and is the best substitute for natural Greek crystal white.

Its crystals are more uniform than natural Thassos, transparent as jade, almost non-absorbent, resistant to acids, alkalis, ultraviolet rays, and will not change or fade.

Glass Thassos is an industrially manufactured product with no variegated penetration, low porosity, requires no special maintenance, can be cleaned by conventional means, and is more readily available and less costly than natural crystal white.

Glass Thassos is more commonly used indoors for walls in wet spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The maximum size of the product slab is 320 x 160 cm, and the thickness can be customized from 12 to 150mm; the finish of normal products is polished, and sandblasting or leather finish can also be customized.

The leather finish is the natural surface before polishing, that is, Pre-polished. When they are applied to the ground, they can effectively prevent the degradation of gloss and prevent slipping.

China is rich in mineral resources, and has mature manufacturing technology and equipment accumulated over the years. There is a broad space for developing more colors.

Composite crystallized tiles are the perfect combination of glass-ceramic and porcelain, developed in Foshan, China in 2003. Regular sizes are 60 x 60cm, 80 x 80cm and 60 x 120cm, and the design thickness is 1.3cm. In the application of wall floor covering, transportation, loading and unloading process and cutting process, etc. are more convenient and lower cost than glass sheets.

Continuous product development and updating is the basis for the sustainable development of China’s microcrystalline stone industry. The new generation of lightweight microcrystalline modified thermal insulation integrated board can be directly used as the latest material for building walls.

The foamed glass-ceramic board has the characteristics of “light weight and high strength, energy saving and heat preservation, waterproof and anticorrosion, fireproof and flame retardant, integrated decoration, durable and shockproof, quick construction, healthy and comfortable, and green and environmental protection”. It is an ideal combination of current steel structure and concrete frame structure.

Nano Crystallized Glass Stone

China’s original Nano Crystallized Glass is a high-quality building decoration material, which is widely used in commercial buildings and residential indoor and outdoor decoration due to its excellent physical and chemical properties.

It is fired into slabs from raw materials at 1600¡ãC through the calendering process. The appearance looks crystal clear like jade. There are two types of conventional whiteness: Nano White and Suet Jade white.


Nanocrystalline glass is a stone refined from high-purity silica, natural quartz sand and other raw materials. It is much harder than standard crystalline glass or even natural granite, with a Mohs hardness of 6.0 to 7.0, a compressive strength rating of 400 MPa, a bending strength rating of 82 MPa, and a breaking strength rating of 35 MPa. The main features are as follows:

1. High hardness: The hardness of Nano Crystal Glass can reach Mohs hardness level 7, which is 5-7 times that of ordinary marble and granite, so it has extremely high wear resistance and impact resistance.

2.Strong stain resistance: After the surface of Nano Crystal Glass is polished, it can effectively resist the erosion of stains and moisture, and is easy to clean.

3. Good oxidation resistance: Nano Crystal Glass has excellent oxidation resistance, can withstand the erosion of different climates and environments, and is not easily affected by oxidation.

4. No radioactivity: Nano Crystal Glass uses high-purity raw materials, does not contain radioactive substances, and is environmentally friendly.

5.It can be reheated and bent to form a curved surface or an arc surface. The cost of making a cylindrical surface is lower than that of natural stone, and it is easy to install. The sink and washbasin made of it are more stain-resistant than acrylic materials and easy to clean and care.

In addition, the surface texture of Fashiona Nano Crystal Glass can be customized: with the mature application of 3D inkjet printing technology, the surface of Nano Crystal Glass can be made into a variety of marble textures, such as Calacatta, Carrara and high-end luxury stone patterns.

Care and maintenance

Nano Crystal Glass has very excellent anti-fouling properties, which can effectively resist the erosion of stains, and usually only needs to be wiped with clean water. However, if there is a stain that is difficult to clean, it can be wiped with a special cleaner. In addition, when Nano Crystal Glass encounters chemical substances such as strong acids and alkalis, it is easily corroded, so direct contact should be avoided.


During the processing of Nano Crystal Glass, the hardness is very high, which requires the use of high-speed electric stone cutting machines, polishing machines and other equipment. During the cutting process, it is necessary to pay attention to the width of the band mark and the cutting speed of the equipment, and at the same time maintain a stable and sufficient water injection to avoid adverse effects such as excessive temperature and deviation of the cutting path.



The surface of Nano Crystal Glass is smooth and smooth, with a wide range of temperature changes, non-absorbent, acid and alkali resistant, will not fade and change color, and has a long service life. It is more durable than quartz stone, acrylic and other synthetic stones. recycled crystal glass is especially suitable for covering materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops.


Nano Crystal Glass has super wear resistance, and the floor covering can create a transparent, bright and simple feeling. Because of its non-water absorption and anti-oxidation properties, the Nano Crystal Glass floor will not appear in reverse osmosis, oxidation and corrosion of natural stone.

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